Our Story


Pulse CBD is a UK based family run business which started on the back of the benefits that we have all experienced while using CBD. From our oldest family member who struggled to switch off at night right down to our 4 year old Cavachon that got anxious around other dogs, CBD has been a life changer for everyone. As a family, we want to share this profound natural remedy with those who, just like us, prefer organic treatment over heavy pharmaceutical drugs.

Our Mission


Our CBD begins its journey in the USA, where its organically grown and harvested from industrial hemp plants. Broad spectrum CBD is full of bioactive compounds carrying; antibacterial, antiviral and anticancerous properties. Our products are then combined with rich ingredients such as high quality MCT oil derived from coconuts. These additions help your body absorb the CBD, whether it’s through oral drops, vape liquid, edibles or bath bombs. We carefully select these ingredients each step of the way, to ensure our range is formed of only the highest quality products.


Pulse CBD’s mission is to provide high quality CBD at an affordable price. CBD has incredible natural healing ability that we believe everyone should be able to access. From inflammatory pain relief to muscle recovery or even alleviating anxiety, CBD is a remedy for many physical and mental ailments. We strive for more people to have access to this remarkable natural restorative by making it as affordable as possible.


We are committed not only to bringing you the best CBD products we can but also the best information about its health benefits. Head to our blog page to read all about the latest and greatest revelations about CBD.

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