Everything you need to know about CBD & vaping

Everything you need to know about CBD & vaping
Authored By Lewis Gray

Firstly, what is vaping?

Vaping is the term given to the use of electronic cigarettes, which have been proven to be more than 95% healthier compared to smoking standard tobacco cigarettes. Vaporising is a fairly simple alternative to smoking that cuts down the chemicals you put into your body as well as your smoking bills.

An electronic cigarette is comprised of four main components; the battery, the ‘mod’, the atomiser and the coil. The ‘mod’ is the term given to the bulk of the device used for storing the battery and selecting the correct wattage for your needs. Sat on top of the mod is the atomiser, the atomiser holds the coil for conducting the heat to produce vapour, as well as holding the e-liquid to saturate the coil and keep producing vapour. The most important part of any vaporiser is the coil, also known as the core. The coil is the centre of the unit which absorbs the e-liquid onto cotton held within and vaporises off the saturated liquid by heating up a metal filament inside a metal casing.

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