How to prepare your pet for fireworks

How to prepare your pet for fireworks
Authored By Sybil Indeba

Although a fun seasonal occasion for us humans, fireworks night can be a very stressful time for our pets. With loud bangs and bright sparks flying through the air; dogs, cats, and rabbits can especially get anxious or even aggressive during fireworks displays.

The charity PDSA has urged pet owners to take actions for their pets with 39% of dog and cat owners reporting their pet is afraid of fireworks, meaning around 8 million pets have firework phobias. So, with Bonfire night just a week away and other seasonal celebrations such as Diwali and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, here are a few tips for keeping your pet calm and safe.


Keep your pets indoors

If your cat is an outdoor cat, you may want to keep them indoors and lock the cat flap when they come in earlier in the day. If they are caught out when the fireworks start, they may get startled and try hide out alone outside or even run to unfamiliar territory and get lost. Keeping them in provides them with a familiar safe space and reduces the risk of them being in harms way.

If you have a rabbit hutch, it may be worth bringing it in. Rabbits’ sensitive nature means that they often suffer the most during fireworks. If you are unable to bring the hutch into a shed, garage, or house - consider covering the hutch with a thick blanket. Covering the hutch will muffle the noise and protect them from fireworks sparks and fireworks shrapnel.


Keep windows, curtains and blinds closed

Once inside, try keeping windows, curtains and blinds closed. Closing windows will reduce the noise of loud bangs and keep your pets from fleeing if they are frightened. Closing curtains and blinds can provide further sound proofing.

Try turning on a TV show that you watch regularly or play some calming music and turn the volume up slightly. This provided a familiar environment for your pets, keeping feeling at ease and that everything is okay.


Stay at home

Although this is a fun occasion and the whole family will be looking to make plans to celebrate, try and have at least one person at home. Left alone, your pets could become very stressed and potentially destructive when left to their own device – especially if you have locked them in with all windows and curtains shut. A familiar face can help soothe their anxieties so, remember to keep them reassured by talking to them and showing them affection.


Create a safe place

It is wise to have a safe space ready in case your pet does still get frightened and need to hide out somewhere in the house. Fill their safe space with food, water, treats and toys, and a bed and blanket so they are as comfortable as possible. It may be a good idea to include a chew toy or a treat puzzle ball, this can keep them distracted for hours and allow them to forget all about their worries.

Remember, it is important not to confine them to a space where they do not feel comfortable. Let your pet naturally go where they feel inclined, then place your prepared care package in their safe space.


Walk dogs early

If your dog’s walk routine includes evening walks, try, and take them out earlier in the day on the night of the fireworks displays. You can gradually begin to adjust your walk routine with your dog the week before, so they are not unnerved by a sudden change in routine.

If it is not possible to take your dog out earlier, make sure you have your details on their collar and that they are up to date in case they get startled and run away. Alternatively, you can ensure your dog and all other pets are microchipped in case they flee.


Try our CBD for pets

Yes, that’s right CBD is not just for us humans, it can be great for our furry friends too. Our Pulse CBD pet range comes in three delicious flavours: fish, chicken, and beef. CBD has therapeutic characteristics for pets such as, calming anxious tendencies and pacifying aggressive behaviour.

By adding a few drops of our pet range CBD oil to your pet food or on your dog’s favourite treat a few days leading up to firework night, your pets can be equipped with a natural remedy to help them get through the long and usually distressing night.

And the benefits do not end there – CBD can be a natural solution for many of your pets’ ailments. By connecting with nerve receptors found in your pets’ body, CBD can increase mobility, fight inflammation, improve gut health and appetite and so much more. Learn more about CBD and the benefits it can have for your pet on our Pulse CBD blog.

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